Publications (Selected)


Eckert, S., & Bachmann, I. (2022). Reflections on Feminist Communication and Media Scholarship: Theory, Method, Impact. New York, NY: Routledge.

Journal Articles

Eckert, S., Metzger-Riftkin, J., Albrehi, F., Akther, N., Aniapam, Z., & Steiner, L. (2022). #MeToo academia: News coverage of sexual misconduct at U.S. universities. Journalism Practice.

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Jahng, R. M., Eckert, S., & Metzger-Riftkin, J. (2021). Defending the profession: U.S. journalists’ role understanding in the era of fake news. Journalism Practice. Online First: April 28, 2021. DOI: 10.1080/17512786.2021.1919177. Free access.

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Book Chapters & Encyclopedia Entries

Velloso, C., Steiner, L., & Eckert, S. (2022). “All Your Tools Belong to Us”: Feminists’ uses of media from 19th to 21st century, In Creedon, P., & Wackwitz, L. (Eds.), Women in mass communication (4th edition). Routledge.

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White Papers/Reports 

Eckert, S., Gerring, N., Jun, K.-N., Lean, S. F., Lacouture, M., Liu, J., & Walter, A. (2017). Strengthening women’s civic and political participation: A synthesis of the scholarly literature. White Paper. USAID. Available here USAID Women’s Participation 2017

Invited Publications

Eckert, S. (in press). “Radio women in queer jobs”: The construction of women broadcasters in the American trade magazine Broadcasting 1931-1939. [“Radiofrauen in queeren Jobs:” Die Konstruktion von Frauen in Radioberufen im U.S.-amerikanischen Handelsmagazin Broadcasting 1931-1939.] Journalism Research / Journalistik, 5(3). Available in English and German. Translation by Author.

Eckert, S. (2022). Editorial. Journalism Research / Journalistik, 5(2). [Open Access – Available in English and German].

Metzger-Riftkin, J., Albrehi, F., Akhther, N., Harb, F., Steiner, L., & Eckert, S. (2020). Academic sexual misconduct on U.S. campuses – Arising questions and concerns about the Practice of mandatory reporting. Media Report to Women, 48(3).

Eckert, S. & Steiner, L. (2016). How to cover rape? U.S. journalists’ critiques of Rolling Stone‘s campus rape story. Media Report To Women, 44(4), 12-21

Eckert, S. (2016). Feminist_innen Online: Potentiale und Herausforderungen. [Feminists online: potentials and challenges]. Ministry of Health, Emancipation, Care and Age, State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Full text available here (in German).

Eckert, S. (2015). Ein Zimmer für Dich selbst. Sicherer bloggen und twittern. [A room for yourself. Safer blogging and tweeting]. In Eisman, S., & Köver, C. (Eds.) Hack es selbst: Digitales do-it-yourself für Mädchen. [Hack it yourself: Digital do it yourself for girls] (pp. 130-132). Landsberg, Germany: Beltz & Gelberg.

Eckert, S. (2014). Frauenstimmen im Netz. [Women’s voices on the internet]. Denkerinnen Blog.

Eckert, S. (2014). Eigene digitale Räume. Von guten und schlechten Erfahrungen von Bloggerinnen. [Digital rooms of their own. On good and bad experiences of women bloggers.] Kleinerdrei Blog.

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