IMG_0630 Stine Eckert Head ShotI’m an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at Wayne State University and Chair of the Feminist Scholarship Division (FSD) of the International Studies Association (ICA).

My research interests include the intersections of social media and gender; social media and minorities; online harassment; the democratic potential of social media; and women in journalism and media.

My teaching experience includes feminist media theory; interviewing as a research method; journalism and new media; news reporting, writing and editing; broadcast news writing, reporting and editing; media literacy; media and journalism history.

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I am thrilled to teach COM 7610 Feminist Media Theory again this fall. We will meet once a week, 6 to 8.30 pm for presentations, discussions, and perhaps even some media production on feminist media theory. The syllabus will foreground non-White, non-U.S. perspectives. If you have any questions, email me at




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