Blogging Guidelines

DigitalRoomsThese guidelines are geared toward potential, new and experienced women bloggers and online authors (including feminists). But of course, anyone can use them.

I interviewed 109 women who blog or write online. All bloggers/online writers said they have had at least one positive experiences because of their blogging/ online writing. But 3 in 4 women also said they had negative experiences. While police, law and society are slow to catch up on recognizing and persecuting online discriminations and harassment leveled against women, women are forced to take care of their safety online on their own. 

The guidelines are available in English and German.

Eckert, S. (2017). Fighting for recognition: Online abuse of women bloggers in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and US. New Media & Society. Online first: January, 29, 2017. DOI: 10.1177/1461444816688457

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